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Long standing professional experience

Master workshop for violin making



Eva Laemmle’s workshop for violin making – right in the center of Munich – is offering complete services for your string instrument:

  • Sale of old and new violins, cellos, violas and bows
  • Repair and restoration of all string instruments and bows
  • Sound adjustment and personal consulting
  • Rental instruments for kids and adults
  • Accessories like strings, cases, bags, mutes, shoulder rests, rosins, cello anchors and more
  • Construction of new instruments
  • Baroque: restoration of baroque instruments and bows




Personnel consulting

  • When playing your instrument, something feels uncomfortable or just not right?
  • Your child wants to play the violin or cello, but you are clueless?
  • Not happy with the sound of your instrument?
  • Looking to try out something new?
  • Looking for a new instrument or bow?


I am taking the time for a personal consultation.


Make an appointment >>>




Information and news



Here I would like to have regular discussions about string instruments, violin making and musical matters. I am looking forward to your contributions! Send me your concert announcements if you would like me to post them.


Interested in how violins are made: I am offering guided tours for groups of up to 10 people. Contact me.


Violin making

Classic traditional / all handmade:

Violin making

Violin, cello and viola are made by hand as one of a kind according to classic Italian templates more…


Maintenance and damage / care:


Repair by a master's hands, from neckgraft to cracked ribs. Free cost estimate more…

Bow repair

One-stop maintenance:

Bow Repair

Bow rehair with Mongolian or Canadian stallion horse hair, silver or leather thumb grip more…


Protection of original / great diligence:


Restorations are carried out prudently and substance-retaining in my workshop more…

Sound adjustment

Consulting / optimization:

Sound adjustment

You would like to have your instrument improved? Often small adjustments will have a great effect more…


Instruments and Bows / all accessories:


Are you looking for violin, viola, cello or bow for solo, chamber music, orchestra or music school? In my workshop you can try out without obligation and in peace more…


Instruments / fast and uncomplicated:


Free to hire for children and adults. 3 months rent will be credited with the purchase more…


Historic performance practice / instruments and repairs


One focus of the master violin maker's workshop is the repair and fine tuning of Baroque instruments more…

Aktuelles / Blog

News rund um den Geigenbau und Musik


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