Geigenbau am Dom - Eva Lämmle München

Long standing professional experience

Master workshop for violin making



Eva Laemmle’s workshop for violin making – right in the center of Munich – is offering complete services for your string instrument:

  • Sale of old and new violins, cellos, violas and bows
  • Repair and restoration of all string instruments and bows
  • Sound adjustment and personal consulting
  • Rental instruments for kids and adults
  • Accessories like strings, cases, bags, mutes, shoulder rests, rosins, cello anchors and more
  • Construction of new instruments
  • Baroque: restoration of baroque instruments and bows




Personnel consulting

  • When playing your instrument, something feels uncomfortable or just not right?
  • Your child wants to play the violin or cello, but you are clueless?
  • Not happy with the sound of your instrument?
  • Looking to try out something new?
  • Looking for a new instrument or bow?


I am taking the time for a personal consultation.


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Information and news



Here I would like to have regular discussions about string instruments, violin making and musical matters. I am looking forward to your contributions! Send me your concert announcements if you would like me to post them.


Interested in how violins are made: I am offering guided tours for groups of up to 10 people. Contact me.