8 tips for protecting instruments in cold weather

The cold season is here, how can I protect my violin from damage?

What stresses instruments the most is low humidity in heated rooms and



strong temperature changes:
Pegs no longer hold.
The instrument is constantly out of tune
Cracks can occur in very dry conditions.
The neck position of cellos that are sensitive to the weather changes.
Instruments sound hoarse in dry conditions.
Open edges develop, the back or top become detached from the rib rim.


What can you do?

1st tip: Use humidifiers to create a more pleasant climate in the room where you keep the instrument, 45-65% is good.

2nd tip: If this is not possible, keep the instrument in its case and use humidification systems such as Stretto humidifier or similar.

3rd tip: Use a good case or box for protection.

4th tip: An additional fabric cover also works well for violins.

Tip 5: Do not store the instrument near the heater.

6th tip: Do not leave the instrument in the car when it is cold.

7th tip: Have your pegs checked by your luthier and lubricated if necessary.

8. tip: Open edges can be glued by a luthier.

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