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Judging the quality of a violin bow is an important skill for any musician or music lover.




A good bow can significantly improve the sound of a violin, while a bad bow can detract from it. Here are ten tips to help you distinguish a good violin bow from a bad one:
Check the weight: a good violin bow should feel balanced in your hand. The weight should be evenly distributed along the length of the bow and the centre of gravity should be close to the frog.
Look for flexibility: A good bow should be flexible enough to allow for a variety of dynamics and articulations. You should be able to easily control the sound with the bow.
Examine the curve: The curve of the bow should be smooth and even. If there are bumps or irregularities, this can affect the quality of the sound.
Examine the hair: The horsehair of the bow should be clean, straight and evenly distributed. It should also be firmly attached to the bow.
Pay attention to the material: A good violin bow can be made of different materials, e.g. pernambuco, carbon fibre and synthetic materials. Each material has its own unique properties that affect the sound and feel of the bow.
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