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Maestra violinmakers München

Fine new string instruments from master craftswomen



Violin making in Munich


For more than 10 years, a group of eight female master violin makers in and around Munich have been meeting regularly to exchange expertise and develop their skills. I am also part of this group and greatly appreciate our work together.

Discussing and solving sound problems, exchanging ideas, as well as acoustic tests and test series are the core of our meetings.

Over the years, we have conducted many different series of tests on the topics of strings, string selection, tailpiece materials, chinrest materials, cello staple tests, soundpost, bridge, string angle and much more. There are still so many new things to learn and discover.


For some time now, we have also been attending trade fairs and exhibitions together under the MAESTRA MÜNCHEN label to present our latest work – violins, violas and cellos.


The next trade fair appearances are planned as part of the


Kronberg Festival at the

Vio Viva violin making fair
20.09. -03.10.2024
with public cello master classes


Here the Maestras Heike Cockill, Ulrike Glinsböckel and I will be exhibiting.




And at the


SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2024
CREMONA trade fair


The Maestras Nicole Ayumi Rautenberg and Katharina Starzer will be exhibiting here.



If you would like more information, please contact me!

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