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STRADIVARI’S SECRET Room Fragrance 2 x


Enjoy the Stradivari feeling
– at home while making music
– as a gift for musicians
– as a case fragrance

Delivery time: Available in 7 - 10 working days


Delve into the fascinating world of violin making

Discover the unique fragrance composition STRADIVARI’S SECRET, which takes you into the world of Stradivari. The collaboration of a master violin maker and a perfumer resulted in this noble room fragrance based on pure natural resins, natural essences and plant oils.

It reflects the scent of a violin making workshop, just as it has exerted its magic on musicians and visitors unchanged for centuries. Order room fragrance now!


Let yourself be inspired

from the scent of the violin making workshop and the tradition of the old Italian masters.

For many musicians, this fragrance is both home and a place of longing.

The violin maker was often asked by customers who came to her workshop what always smelled so good. So the idea was born to capture this fragrance and give it back to those to whom it means something – the musicians.

Experience the fragrance now!


Enjoy the Stradivari feeling

Whenever and wherever you want: At home, practicing, making music with friends and colleagues, listening to music….

STRADIVARI’S SECRET is also suitable as a

+ gift, for musicians, music lovers, quartet colleagues, orchestra musicians, connoisseurs…

+ case fragrance


Buy fragrance as a gift now!

STRADIVARI’S SECRET contains only high quality natural essences, resins and rare essential oils based on an alcoholic solution, no synthetic fragrances.

The fragrance unfolds its effect very slowly, it is very productive and should be used extremely sparingly.

1-2 sprays are enough for a room of medium size (24sqm).

Sprayed into the case 1 spray puff is enough. Please take out instruments, bows, strings and colophonium beforehand, and let it work for 30min before filling the case again.