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Old and new instruments

Eva Lämmle Geigenbau - Alte und neue Instrumente


In the violin workshop a wide selection of violins, violas, cellos and bows at different prices are on offer.

  • Old and new master instruments
  • Baroque instruments
  • Manufacture instruments from Mittenwald, Mirecourt and the Vogtland
  • Entry level student instruments ( starting at 790€) from the Far East, and from Europe (starting from 950 €) also as a set.


All instruments are revised and adjusted in my workshop.


I am happy to also sell instruments on commission base. >>>


Eva Lämmle Geigenbau - Kommission



From student’s to master’s bow

Eva Lämmle Geigenbau - Bögen


If you are looking for a bow, I also have a good selection.

  • old and new master bows
  • Baroque bows
  • nickel silver and silver bows by arcos brasil
  • Students’ and children’s bows made of wood and carbon


Looking for something in particular? Please call or email me. I will gladly put together some choices for you.



All about the instrument

Accessories, cases and strings

Eva Lämmle Geigenbau - Zubehör


Rosin, mutes, fine tuners, Dampits, strad pads, music stands, tuning forks, chin rests, shoulder rests and cases and more are part of the workshop range.


I have all common brands of strings for violins, violas, cellos and viols, and send them on request.



Try at home

The way to your instrument

Eva Lämmle Geigenbau - Wunschinstrument


The choice of an instrument takes time. That’s why you can try out an instrument at home for up to 2 weeks. Test it in a familiar environment and acoustics .



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