The old sound

Historical performance

Eva Lämmle Geigenbau - Historische Aufführungspraxis


For several years I have been working with baroque instruments, viols, baroque violins, violas baroque and baroque cellos.
Repair, restoration, technical set-up and  sound adjustment are my priorities.




Baroque instruments, baroque bows and accessories

Eva Lämmle Geigenbau - Barockinstrumente und Barockbögen 


If you are looking for a baroque instrument, I’m glad to help.

As well as there are contacts to find something suitable for you.
A small selection is available:

At the moment one Baroque cello and one Baroque violin built  by myself, an old Violoncello piccolo,2 old german violins with baroque set-up, and a baroque violin from the Far East which is also available for rent, 25€ / month.


I work with bow makers, who produce  baroque bows, and can provide a selection without obligation. If you like to try some, please contact me, and I will organize this for you.It usually takes 2-3 weeks time.

At the moment in the workshop there are available:

1 Baroque cello bow by Daniel Koop

1Baroque cello bow by Luthès

1 Baroque viola bow and 1 baroque violin bow by Luthès

1 Baroque violin bow by Daniel Koop

1 Bass viol bow by Iesta



Gut strings for all viols, baroque violin, baroque viola and baroque cello are available from Pirastro and Aquila.




Leather mute for baroque violin, viola and cello

Eva Lämmle Geigenbau - Lederdämpfer für Barockgeige


From an Italian template I produce  leather mutes for use on Baroque violins, violas and cellos.


The advantages:

  • the mute remains on the instrument and cannot get lost
  • Gentle muting, the beautiful tone of your instrument remains
  • The mute can be adjusted to your individual arching bridge height in the workshop

The prices are:

violin 12 €

viola 14 €

cello 18 €

plus packing /shipping.

It can be ordered by phone or mail. Please contact me!

Try the new leather mute >>>



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