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Violin, viola, cello hire


If your child wants to learn violin, viola or cello, you can rent an instrument from my workshop in the appropriate size, even for long term.


A violin set includes violin, bow, case, shoulder rest and rosin
1/16 to ¾ size starting at 18 € per month

Full size violin starting at 20 € per month


Viola sets in children’s sizes starting at 25 € per month


A cello set includes cello, bow, bag, rosin and cello anchor.
¼ to ¾ size starting at 25 € per month, full-size starting at 30 € per month.

  • There is no minimum rental period.
  • A change to the next size is possible.
  • When buying an instrument in my workshop 3 months of rent will be credited.
  • If desired, you can receive information about musical instrument insurance and teachers in Munich.



Refresh or restart

Instruments for adults


For  adult beginners or returners I also offer rental instruments.
The offer also includes a complete set, the rent is determined by the value of the instrument.

  • Violin set starting at 20 € per month
  • Viola set starting at 25 € per month
  • Cello set starting at 30 € per month


Again, 3 months rent will be credited at the purchase of an instrument.


Searching for the right teacher?
I am happy to provide contacts.


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