Professional experience for 25 years

Violin maker Munich



Eva Laemmle’s workshop for violin making – right in the center of Munich, just behind the Frauenkirche – offers complete services for your string instrument:

  • Sale of old and new violins, cellos, violas and bows.
  • Sale, repair and restoration of baroque violin, baroque viola, baroque cello, baroque bows and viola da gamba (please ask for availability)
  • Repair and restoration of all string instruments and bows
  • Sound adjustment and personal consulting
  • violin,viola and cello hire in all sizes for kids and adults
  • Accessories like strings, cases, bags, mutes, shoulder rests, rosins, cello anchors and more
  • Construction of new instruments (violin, viola, cello)
  • Baroque: restoration of baroque instruments and bows




Individual advice from the violin maker

  • When playing your instrument, something feels uncomfortable or just not right?
  • Not happy with the sound of your instrument?
  • Looking to try out something new?
  • Looking for a new instrument or a new bow?
  • Your child wants to play the violin or cello, and you want to hire an instrument before deciding to buy one?


I am taking the time for a personal consultation.


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Information and news

In my blog you can find articles concerning string instruments and their problems, violin making and concert announcements.

Send me your concert announcements if you would like me to post them.



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Ancient Tradition

Pure handcraft

Geigenbau In the workshop violins, violas and cellos are built by hand. The work steps and tools are largely still in the centuries-old violin making tradition. more…

20 years of experience

Repairs by a master’s hand


At the violin making workshop Lämmle I perform repairs and restorations on all string instruments and bows. more…

Bow repair

Everything from one source


Standard repairs to bows, such as rehairing, silver windings, leather thumb grip more…


Preservation of the original substance


This has priority for complex restorations, as well as an approximation to the original state of the instrument. more…

Talk about

Sound adjustment


We discuss the possibilities we have to get you to where you want to be. This depends, among other things, on more…

Beginners, students, amateurs, professionals

Old and new instruments


In the violin workshop a wide selection of violins, violas, cellos and bows at different prices are on offer. more…

Without risk

Instruments for children


If your child wants to learn violin, viola or cello, you can rent an instrument from my workshop in the appropriate size, even for long term. more…

The old sound

Historical performance


For several years I have been working with baroque instruments, viols, baroque violins, violas baroque and baroque cellos.more…