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9 gift ideas for musicians for Christmas

What can you give a musician for Christmas? Here are 9 helpful tips and suggestions for violinists, violists and cellists.


The 9 best gift ideas for musicians for Christmas.
Here you will find some ideas and links on the subject of violin / music / gift ideas. Have fun browsing!

Concert tickets
Find out your musician friend’s musical preferences in a discreet conversation. Surprise him with a concert visit. Here you can find current Christmas concerts in Munich, for example.
Give away vouchers for tickets to the Munich Violin Days concerts.
Tickets for these are available from 1.4.2022 via München Ticket.

Idea #2
Sometimes a little difficult to find the right one. Here, too, you should first try to find out what the target person particularly likes: a particular artist, an orchestra, a composer? Which genres – opera, symphony, chamber music, choral music, etc.?
A very good music department with excellent advice in Munich can be found, for example, in the Beck department store on Marienplatz.



Sheet music
Sheet music for chamber music is probably best here. Maybe you buy a more unusual composer, then the probability is higher that she/he does not have the sheet music yet. At Bauer-Hieber in the town hall you can get individual advice on what might be suitable.

Idea #4
For CDs, or concert tickets, or sheet music, or…. the violin maker.
Gift vouchers are available from me in the workshop: they are valid for strings, accessories such as shoulder rests, mutes, colophonium, fine tuners, tuning devices, steamits, music stands, tuning forks, shoulder rests and cases.
Time vouchers for repairs and tuning are also available.
I will also be happy to send you the vouchers if required. Please contact me.

Idea #5
Lighting for the music stand
A perennial topic for chamber music lovers. You can get the lighting in music stores or in various online stores.

Organize chamber music
Here you need good contacts to musicians yourself. Organize an unusual chamber music formation (septet, octet) or the players for it and give the event as a gift.

Idea #7
Music gifts
You can find many gift ideas from mugs with sheet music, jewelry, umbrellas, socks, etc. in this online store, for example.




Leather mute
A very special gift for string players:
The leather mutes for violin, viola, cello and double bass are available exclusively from my workshop.
They are equally suitable for baroque and modern instruments.
The leather mute stays on the instrument and does not get lost
Gentle damping, the beauty of the instrument’s sound is preserved
The leather mute for violin costs 12 €, on request I can also send it by post
now also available for viola (14 €), cello (18 €) and double bass (24 €).

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