Eva Laemmle violin maker


About Eva Lämmle Violin Maker Munich
First cello lessons at the age of 8
1993 – 1996 apprenticeship in Markneukirchen in Vogtland
1996 trade test
1996 – 1999 journeyman’s years of service in the workshop Ekkehard Köhler, Kisslegg
1999 – 2000 journeyman’s years in the workshop Christian Arnold in Darmstadt
2001 – 2004 journeyman’s years in the workshop Roland Erichson in Kassel
2002 master craftsman’s examination in Mainz and Hamburg
2004 – 2009 workshop Peter Erben in Munich, internship at a bow maker in Munich
2005/2006 training in Parma, Italy with Hans J. Nebel, Gregg Alf and Horacio Pineiro
2008 Training bow repair with Rüdiger Pfau
Since 2009 Member of the Siemens Munich orchestra, chamber music
2014 /2015  Restoration workshops at the FH Markneukirchen
Since 2009 own workshop at the cathedral
Since 2010 Member of the German Association of violin and bow makers
2010/ 2013/2016/2019 Participated in the “Munich Violin Days”
2013 Participation in the exhibition of instruments of the Kronberg Cello Festival