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Is playing the cello hard?


And how long does it take to be able to play reasonably well? What helps when learning a string instrument is if you have already gained a bit of experience


with making music, perhaps already playing the piano or singing. It makes it easier to hear the notes and then hit them.
The advantage of a string instrument over playing the piano, for example, is that you can also play in an orchestra.
At what age can you start? Most of my young clients start at 6 or 7 years old, but there are exceptions that start earlier. In these cases, however, the parents are always musicians and can support their children in practicing.
Is it still possible to start as an adult? Yes, of course, if you can take the time and leisure to practice on a regular basis.
I don’t recommend buying an instrument at the beginning.

At the violin maker of your choice, there are well-equipped rental instruments in the right size and you don’t take any financial risk if you realize after half a year that it doesn’t work out after all.
Then all you need is a cello teacher who fits. Arrange a trial lesson, then you can test whether the chemistry is right.
You can look for a teacher in a private environment, through a recommendation or, for example, through the Tonkünstlerverband, or through municipal and private music schools.
And how long does it take to be able to play “reasonably well”?
This is relatively difficult to answer because it also depends on the player’s requirements and it depends on how often you have time to practice. It’s better to regularly do half an hour a day than an hour a week the day before the next cello lesson. If you practice regularly, you will notice progress and this will increase your motivation again.

Here you can watch the video of the cello teacher Nico Nesyba of the district music school Fürstenfeldbruck on the topic “Learning the cello”:


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