Rent or buy a violin?

10 arguments to help parents decide whether to buy or rent an instrument for their child.



I am often asked whether it is better to rent or buy a violin. Here are a few thoughts on the subject to help you decide.

Here are a few PRO arguments in favor of renting:

1) With younger children, you never know if the desire to play and especially practice the violin won’t evaporate after a shorter period of time. If you then have a rental instrument, you can easily return it to your violin maker and cancel the rental payments.

2) Service is always included in the rental – if there is something wrong with the instrument, you have a direct contact person (the luthier) who will solve the problem quickly and often free of charge. New strings, lubricated pegs or a slipped bridge are quickly fixed.
3) As rental instruments are always checked before they are rented out, they are in the best possible condition.

4) Insurance can often be taken out through the luthier.


5) The luthier will be happy to advise you on any questions that arise in connection with the instrument.

6) If you need to change to the next size, you can do this without any problems, just let us know a few days in advance and the next size will be available.

7) The rental payments are usually a very manageable amount compared to the amounts you have to pay for an equivalent instrument in the shops. Here you will find the conditions for renting in my workshop.

8)If you do buy an instrument at some point, part of the rent can usually be offset.

9)Sustainability: The instruments are rented out and played when your child has outgrown them.

In my opinion, it is always advisable to rent, especially for beginners and children.


Rent first – then buy
If it turns out that the violin is the right instrument and the child has been playing for years, I recommend buying the 4/4 instrument when it is financially possible.
I have often experienced that a rental violin is returned together with the school-leaving certificate. Even if training and studies are then pending and the instrument is not used for a while, the hurdle to start again is much greater if there is no instrument left.
Anyone who has enjoyed playing the violin will always feel the need to return to it at some point.
If the violin is stored properly, it can also remain unplayed for a while.

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