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A violin from the attic – how much is it actually worth?

or in the cellar or as an heirloom from grandma, lovingly guarded like a treasure.

On closer inspection, you discover a note inside that even promises “Straduarius” or something similar.
In my workshop, I often have to deal with customers who come in full of expectation with their “Stradivarius”, and then unfortunately I have to dispel a great illusion.
Many instruments have the wrong labels, and especially in the case of Saxon manufactory instruments, which are often found in attics, Stradivarius, Guarneri or Stainer labels were commonly used to indicate the model.
So if you have an attic find, it is best to show the instrument to your luthier. He/she will be able to estimate how much your violin is worth based on many years of experience.

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