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How can I straighten my violin bridge?

It is necessary to check at regular intervals whether the bridge is still straight and straighten it again if necessary.

When tuning, the bridge is sometimes pulled towards the fingerboard. If it remains in this position, it can bend in the long term.
The rear bridge surface (the one facing the tailpiece) should be at a right angle to the soundboard. This can be a guide for the inclination of the bridge.
The bridge feet should also rest completely on the soundboard. If both are no longer possible at the same time, the bridge has already warped and should be replaced.
If it is only a little bent at the top towards the fingerboard, you can straighten it yourself:
To straighten the bridge, hold the violin on your lap as shown in the picture above.



The left thumb now carefully pushes the top of the bridge back towards the tailpiece with little pressure.



The right thumb holds against it so that the pressure can be precisely dosed and the bridge does not fall over.




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