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Perfect sound – The wood of the bow makers

Documentation about the work of the I.P.C.I. Germany



Members of “I.P.C.I.-Deutschland e.V.” were accompanied by a camera team in 2019. The result was an exciting documentary entitled “Perfect Sound – The Wood of the Bowmakers”. The 52-minute film highlights the I.P.C.I.’s efforts over the past 20 years to reforest the pernambuco tree in Brazil, which is essential for bow making, as well as the work of the bow makers, rounded off by fascinating interviews with musicians and scientists.
The film will be broadcast on 3SAT in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on February 1st at 9:40 pm and will be available in the 3SAT media library for 7 days afterwards.

Further information can be found on the filmmaker Peppo Wagner’s website:

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