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Stradivari’s secret revealed – room fragrance “Stradivari’s Secret”

The harmonious creation of a room fragrance by violin maker Eva Lämmle

The idea:

“It always smells so good in your home!”

She was surprised time and time again by this statement from customers who came to her violin making workshop. But what do people smell when they come into a violin making workshop? Wood, glue, rosin, varnish resins, polish? Some time ago, I came up with the idea of creating a room fragrance that captures and reflects the scent of a violin-making workshop.

In a remarkable fusion of art and science, violin maker Eva Lämmle has ventured beyond the traditional realm of instrument making to beguile our olfactory senses with her unique creation: Stradivari’s Secret – “Stradivari’s Secret”. This exquisite room fragrance, inspired by the famous craftsmanship of Antonio Stradivari’s violins, unlocks the hidden symphony of scents and combines history, music and craftsmanship into a truly harmonious experience.


The artistic journey

Eva Lämmle’s journey as a violin maker began with her deep fascination for Stradivari’s masterpieces. Her extensive knowledge of the violin making process formed a solid foundation for her olfactory endeavor. Eva began an intensive research process, delving into the history, techniques and materials of the legendary violin maker.

The production of the fragrance

With the precision of a luthier and the discerning eye of an artist, Eva Lämmle selected a range of rare and exquisite botanical essences to create “Stradivari’s Secret”. Like Stradivari himself, Eva Lämmle searched for the perfect harmony between the notes and selected ingredients that reflect the richness and depth of the sound of his iconic instruments, and set out to find a partner with whom she could realize this ambition. In collaboration with the Berlin perfumer Maria Packenius, she was able to create a fragrance that met her requirements. The fragrance contains only natural essences and vegetable oils, no synthetic fragrances, and is lovingly handcrafted by the fragrance studio.


The fragrance notes

“Stradivari’s Secret” embodies the essence of a centuries-old heritage. The top note of delicate bergamot transports us to the workshops of Cremona, where the tradition of violin making flourished. The heart notes of natural essences and plant oils are reminiscent of the radiant sound of Stradivari’s violins. The base notes of benzoin and a hint of tolu balsam ground the fragrance and leave an enchanting and lasting impression.

The bottling process

Just as Stradivari meticulously crafted every detail of his instruments, Eva Lämmle paid just as much attention to the presentation of “Stradivari’s Secret”. The fragrance is housed in an elegantly designed bottle, with the packaging and label designed by Jörg Herz

A symphony of the senses

“Stradivari’s Secret” pushes the boundaries of conventional room fragrances and offers a multi-sensory experience that stimulates both the nose and the imagination. As the scent fills the room, images of master luthiers painstakingly working the wood emerge, their craft mingling with the delicate aromas of the materials they work with.


The legacy continues

Eva Lämmle’s “Stradivari’s Secret” is a tribute to the timeless legacy of Antonio Stradivari and at the same time a new path of artistic expression. It is a testament to the everlasting inspiration from the world of music and craftsmanship. When this extraordinary fragrance fills the air, it invites us to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of Stradivari and his descendants.

The fragrance is a

-a great gift idea for musicians and music lovers
-room fragrance
-suitcase fragrance and also as
-Eau de Toilette (m/f) certified. It contains only natural essences and vegetable oils, no synthetic fragrances, produced in Berlin.


You can order the Stradivari’s Secret fragrance here in the online store

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