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How do I care for my violin bow?

To keep your bow in good condition, there are a few things you should keep in mind:



– Always relax bow after playing.

-In general, don’t stretch the bow too much when playing (just about so that a pencil fits in the middle between the bow hair and the pole). If you find that you habitually tension your bow a lot more, could it be that the rod is too soft for you or that the rod has lost its bend? Show your violin or bow maker the bow, where you can also try a bow with a harder bar.


-Wash hands before playing. Sometimes, contact with the hands on the hair near the frog leads to dirt deposits or greasy spots. The hair then no longer grips. This can be reduced by washing your hands. If dirt does accumulate, you can also have the cover cleaned by a violin/bow maker.

-Do not tear out loose hair, but cut it off.

-do not use too much colophonium.

-Rub the bow rod regularly with a duster or microfibre cloth, do not use any polishes or care products for the bow rod.

sheet regularly reupholstered.

-In case of stiff mechanics, visit the violin/bow maker so that the cause can be found out.


-Bogen regelmäßig neu beziehen lassen.


-Bei schwergängiger Mechanik  den Geigen-/Bogenbauer*in aufsuchen,damit die Ursache herausgefunden werden kann.


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