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Violin keeps going out of tune


Where does this come from and what can you do about it? Do you also have the problem that your violin constantly goes out of tune?


Do you also have the problem that your violin constantly goes out of tune?

The pegs and the peg box are made of wood and react to changes in humidity.

That’s why there are often problems with the vortices in the winter months, as the air is particularly dry due to the heating.
A change between dryness and humidity can also cause problems: vertebrae either give way and slip, or they are suddenly very tight and can hardly be turned (in high humidity).

In case of dryness:
The pegs dry out a little, shrink a little, and because they are only held in the peg box by friction, they give way, slip down and the instrument goes out of tune.

Possible solutions
To lose the fear of tuning, get into the habit of tuning the violin on the pegs more often. When turning, you also press the pegs into the peg box at the same time. This will help you develop a feeling for how to tackle the violin. Vertebrae that are moved frequently also remain more flexible.

Also ensure there is sufficient humidity (45-60%). If this is not possible in your home, there are also humidification systems for instruments, e.g. the Dampit.

Do you have problems with your vertebrae all year round?

This could be because the pegs don’t fit properly. This must be checked by the violin maker and corrected if necessary.
Either the pegs need to be adjusted or sometimes just lubricated.

Patent swirl

There are now also a number of other solutions to problems with the vertebrae, so-called patent vertebrae, e.g
Perfection pegs

The swivels have sophisticated mechanics and rotation systems to make them insensitive to fluctuations in humidity.
The pegs are made of different materials: plastic (Wittner), the perfection pegs also have peg heads made of wood and are therefore visually indistinguishable from “normal” pegs.

In my workshop, such solutions are mainly used on cellos and sometimes also on viols.
I would be happy to show you the individual systems during a consultation and you can try out and compare instruments in my workshop.

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