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Travelling with your violin

If you want to take your violin with you on holiday, there are a few things you should consider

If you are planning a flight, find out about the permitted dimensions for on-board luggage. Does your violin case meet the requirements or is it too long? It’s better to ask too much about how the respective airline handles this so as not to experience any unpleasant surprises. Never check the violin as normal luggage.

When traveling outside of Europe it is also important to think about the following:

Some of the materials used in string instruments and bows are now subject to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (C.I.T.E.S.). There are strict travel regulations with instruments for entry and exit across the external borders of the EU and between third countries.
This involves the following materials that may be used on your instrument or bow: ivory, tortoise shell, whale bone, bones of other protected animal species, lizard leather, leather of other protected animal species, whalebone, mother-of-pearl of an unknown type and rosewood.
The question here is: what materials are used on my instrument?

Do I need a CITES document?
Do I need a “Declaration of materials”?
Additional information can be found here:


It’s best to talk to your violin maker, she/he can help you with these topics.


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